Strike A Balance Life Design

Our unique services provide coaching through the skills of living. Coaching will help to motivate toward those extraordinary goals.

Choose 1 or more… to guide you through the wonderful journey of life.

Our Unique Coaching Services include:

  • Empowering problem solving solutions for living a fulfilled life.
  • Guiding clients through exercises of the mind by getting you in touch with your creative side –a window into pulling out that phenomenal strength within.
  • Help… by creating home organizational skills pleasing to the eye… clearing the way for more family and me time.
  • Coaching solutions for time management, eating healthy and fulfilling your dreams. 
  • Building self -esteem and self- worth through work shops and group coaching.
  • Establishing, reaching and   maintaining your fitness goals.
  • Stress Relief
Many people are searching for answers in their life and need a fresh perspective for problem-solving daily task. They may also need help on gathering and carrying out those task and ideas.

What you will gain by being Life Coached?

With life coaching, many people are enlightened and eventually gain the courage to step into the right direction for what was once thought to be just a dream.

Your life coach is a facilitator that gives you the understanding of who you are. They help you to gain better confidence, become better communicators and help you to find happiness within. If you want to gain a new perspective about your life and want someone to help you, look for a life coach. Search for one that draws from his or her professional experience and expertise.

Compare your life coach with what goals you want to achieve. If you are searching for a balanced life, look no further. WE can help you achieve serenity. Remember when you’re open and willing to try new things, it allows you grow mentally and spiritually.

If you are searching for a balanced life, look no further. We can help you achieve serenity. When you’re open and willing to try new things, it allows you grow mentally and spiritually.

We Have teamed up with Partylite and Compass to provide unique and quality services.

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    Experience stress relief and relaxation in an environment with fabulous decor, wonderful scented candles set with a warm foot bath.  Our Life-Coaching session provides the power of relaxation with visualization and progressive relaxation techniques provide   a special edition to your Girls Nights Out any day of the week.  Follow up calls  are  provided.


    Hostesses can recreate and redecorate and purchase $50.00 worth Of Products for just $9.95.

    Visit the website for fabulous product information and monthly specials.

    For more information regarding Party Lite Parties contact:
    Strike A Balance Life Design Inc.
    Phone 1.810.603.3997


    Reclaim Your Energy in 2009!
    Wake up each morning bursting with enthusiasm. Feel excited, energized, and self-confident. Get a sense of balance and time each day to do things that matter to you?

    Join my coaching group to Reclaim Your Energy in 2009

    Reclaim your energy is the first step in the Remodel Your Reality system- a practical easy-to-use system developed by life coach Kimberly Fulcher.

    Shirlet Earnest, Strike A Balance Life founder has teamed up with Compass Life Designs to help thousands of women create the life of their dreams.

    This first step guides you through the critical process of reclaiming your energy so that you can create the life of your dreams!

    To reclaim your energy, we will address the 3 factors of vitality – physical, mental, and emotional. We will work through these factors together and learn how to effectively manage your energy.
    Other monthly subjects are discussed as well.


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